Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas

New for 2014

The Party Pit!

    • The Party Pit is located directly in front of the Main Stage, which means you will be just feet away from your favorite artist during their performance!
    • There are a very limited number of passes in this standing-room-only area, so get yours today before they are gone!
    • Party Pit Passes are sold per artist.
    • Party Pit Passes do not include admission to the event.  You have to have a ticket to the festival.  
Party Pic Graphic3



How It Works

  • You will exchange your Party Pit Pass for a wristband at the east or west gate the same day your artist is performing.
  • You must be lined up at the Party Pit entrance 30 minutes before your artist's performance.   
  • There are no food or drinks allowed in the pit area.
  • Once you are in the Party Pit you must stay for the duration of the show.  If you leave you will not be allowed back in.  
  • This is a standing room area only and chairs will not be allowed in the pit area.
  • Professional camera, video, or audio recording equipment, food or drinks, and bags will not be allowed into the pit area.  
  • Aggressive behavior, including moshing, is grounds for removal from the pit.  Please be respectful of others.  We reserve the right to remove anybody causing a disturbance or acting inappropriately.