Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas


Johnny Bangs

Johnny Bangs is a singer/songwriter from Kansas City. Johnny started writing ballads from the age of 10 when he was handed his first guitar. In the late 1990's he led a pop/punk trio called Sniffing the Heather who recorded a full-length album in San Diego with an Independent Producer. In the early 2000's Johnny fronted Lucky Joan and Shark Week before making an adventure to Los Angeles to take a chance on the wind. In L.A. Johnny struggled to keep balance the musician's life with real life. Johnny shared brief (and little known) stardom on an MTV music/reality show called SCORE.  After making a move to Kansas City Johnny teamed up with drummer, Dustin Keith and bassist David Owens to form a power trio which is now the writing force behind and evolution of Johnny Bangs.