Event Passes for Country Stampede

pdfClick here to find out what to do if we can’t park cars on the festival grounds. Please print and bring with you to the festival.

pdfClick here to learn what to do in the event of stormy weather. Please print and bring with you to the festival.

  • Are there seats available or do I bring my lawn chair or blanket?
    If you are a general admission ticket holder, please bring your lawn chair. To save room and for the comfort and convenience of other festival attendees we cannot allow lounge chairs or blankets as seating.
  • Are there handicapped accessible seating, restrooms, and parking?
    Yes, there is seating available to the left of the VIP section. This allows one handicapped individual and one guest. Seating is limited, so please ask other family members and friends to remain in the general seating area. Handicapped accessible restrooms are located a short distance away as well as other places on the festival grounds. To access the handicapped parking area you will need to display your state, city, or county hang tag or license plate.
  • What is the traffic like heading in to Stampede?
    Traffic does get a little heavy at certain times of the day. It is best to come early and stay late to avoid delays. Tune to 94.5 Country for traffic updates and weather.
  • Are children’s prices available?
    Children five and under get in free. Tickets for children ages 6-12 can be purchased online for a very low price. Click here for prices.
  • Do I need a special pass to get into the campgrounds?
    In order to access the campgrounds, you must have a four-day general admission, VIP, or reserved seating wristband. If you want to set up a campsite and park a vehicle or motor home you will need a four-day camping pass. Get more details here.
  • I know I can’t bring food or beverages into the festival, but can I bring a bag with wet-wipes, sun block, a towl, etc.?
    Yes. Please remember that all bags are subject to search by our gate security.
  • I heard that Country Stampede is moving from Manhattan. Is that true?
    We hear this rumor every year, and it is not true. Country Stampede will continue to be held at Tuttle Creek State Park.
  • How do I become a sponsor of Country Stampede?
    Country Stampede has many innovative ways to help you promote your business through the festival. Click here to learn more.
  • How do I become a vendor?
    Click here for more information on becoming a vendor.
  • How does the four-day wristband work?
    You will exchange your paper ticket for a four-day wristband beginning Thursday morning at Campground Check-in or Thursday afternoon at either the east or west festival entrance gates. Take care of this wristband as it will become your passport to re-enter the festival for the entire four days. If it is removed or damaged it cannot be replaced. Wristbands are non-transferable and are void if tampered with. All wristbands will be placed on the right wrist.
  • I have Jump-the-Line Tickets. How many chairs can I carry in?
    Only one chair per ticketholder. Once Jump-the-Line gates have opened, we will not allow you to leave and re-enter until the regular gate opening time.

Check out these tips that will help make your stay at Country Stampede more enjoyable.


  • Gates open at 4 p.m. on Thursday, and 1 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • When you arrive at either camp check-in or one of the entry gates, you will exchange your ticket for a wristband. Wristbands that have been removed or tampered with will become invalid, so you will want to make sure that you leave it on for all four days. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new ticket.
  • We hold banding parties in the campgrounds and at different locations around town. Stay tuned for locations and times.
  • Four-day general admission tickets are non-transferable. One ticket is only good for one person over the four days.
  • Please note that trying to pass counterfeit or tampered-with bands is a crime for which the authorities pursue prosecution.
  • Beware of counterfeit wristbands and tickets. The only way to ensure that you have a legitimate Country Stampede ticket is to buy your ticket from us directly or through one of our authorized ticket outlets.
  • We only sell wristbands at our ticket booths, and they are put on you by our staff. If anyone offers to sell you a wristband outside of the festival gates, you can be certain it is counterfeit.
  • All bags will be searched prior to entry in the festival. Please note that food and beverage carry-ins of any type, including alcohol, are not allowed.
  • Any alcohol purchased inside the festival grounds has to be consumed or dumped out before leaving through the gates.
  • Beverage receptacles other than empty official Country Stampede mugs or empty water misters are not allowed.
  • Video recorders are not allowed.
  • No weapons are allowed on Country Stampede grounds, concealed or otherwise.  This includes guns and knives of any kind.
  • For safety and sanitation reasons we do not allow pets into the festival or campgrounds, service animals excluded.


  • If you are parking in our general parking lot you will want to purchase a four-day parking pass before the event. We stop selling these the Friday before the week of the event, and if you don’t have one you will have to pay for parking every time you come and go.
  • Tailgating is not allowed in the parking lots. 
  • Cars have to be removed from the general parking lot by 3 a.m.
  • Any vehicles improperly parked in the campgrounds or left overnight in the general parking areas will be towed and impounded.
  • 4-day car parking passes are not valid in any campground areas. 


  • We only accept cash at the festival, so make sure you have plenty on hand. If you run short, Kansas State Bank provides ATM machines around the grounds. 
  • An information booth is provided by the Manhattan Convention and Visitors Bureau and is located on the southeast side of the festival. They provide a lost and found, and it is a great place to meet up with friends or family. They can also provide you with information about the festival as well as information about Manhattan and the surrounding area.
  • Performers, programs, and dates are subject to change without notice.
  • Free water is available from one of the water buffaloes located around the festival.


  • We want everybody to have a great time, but please do so responsibly. If consuming alcohol, please do so in moderation or not at all if you are underage. We do have a zero tolerance policy in regards to underage drinking.
  • Do not provide alcohol to minors. We do have authorities watching out, so don’t ruin your weekend by providing alcohol to underage people.
  • Choose a designated driver.
  • Treat your fellow Stampeders and Stampede staff with respect.
  • Familiarize yourself with and follow all of the local laws and festival policies as they will be enforced.
  • Security and uniformed patrolmen are on-site to ensure safety at Country Stampede. If you experience a problem or an emergency, please contact one of them for assistance.
  • Medical and first aid services are available on-site courtesy of the Riley County EMS and Red Cross.
  • All persons attending the Country Stampede do so at their own risk. Owners, managers, promoters, sponsors, or others assume no liability.