Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas


Brian Nelson

Brian Nelson was born and raised in Northern Minnesota.  He joined the Army after high school eventually settled in Wamgeo, KS after 12 years of service.  Music has always been a steady fixture in Brian's life.  He played bass in a garage band in high school and picked around on the guitar off and on while in the service.  While stationed in Texas he was introduced to Texas country music, now commonly referred to as Red Dirt Country music.  This raw, honest music struck home with him and he has been hooked ever since.  Brian has been a member of the Red Dirt Bands, Reckless Rebellion and the Bourbon Brothers, playing bass.  Today he focuses primarily on writing and composing Red Dirt and Americana Music and performing acoustically.  Brian has been a member of NSAI since 2013 and he credits them with helping him succeed as a songwriter.