Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas

Drums On The Wind

By Ken Matthiesen/Keith Taylor

The smoke from his last draw drifts off with the breeze
Whispers as it sails... his old pipe is done burning
Wishes he could pass it on, but his moons have left no one
Old ways of knowledge silenced by his changing sun

Drums on the wind, in the distance they begin
Calling out to him
One more time to hear drums on the wind ... again

Deer skins beating stories of ancestors lives
Honoring Mother Earth dancing his spirit to the sky
He sets down the cold pipe, closes his tired eyes
Elders appear to open the clouds, now it’s time

Oh, Oh
(Repeat Chorus)

Ghosts of buffalo roam free on the plains
Together with nature before the whole world changed



He smiles and accepts his last moments of being alive
Seeing the trail going home, his time has arrived
The spirits in the tall grass, calling up to him at last
His new world full of visions of the ways of the past

Whoa oh oh
(Repeat Chorus)

.... Whoa whoa whoa woe
.... Whoa whoa whoa woe
.... Whoa whoa whoa woe

Ken Matthiesen/Keith Taylor 2013