Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas

Who Need Pickup Lines

By Jackson Gulick

(Verse 1)

I like my ladies how I like my tea.
Southern made and oh so sweet.
So girl when I caught you looking at me.
I thought whew! How lucky can one boy be?
I could've walked over and thrown out a line.
Are you from Tennessee? Cause girl I think you're a dime.
But I left all the cheesy words in my head.
Took you by the hand and said...


Who Needs Pickup Lines? I've got pickup truck?
It's the perfect place to start falling in love.
If the feeling's right we'll fog the windows up.
In a cornfield, the girls can't get enough.
It even comes with a built in bed for good luck.
Who Needs Pickup Lines? I've got a pickup truck.

(Verse 2)

The dashboard light gives off a romantic glow.
Four-wheel will get us where we wanna go.
We can take this fast or we can take it slow.
But girl I think there's something that you oughta know.
If I was a tractor and you were a plow
Girl, I'd be hooking up with you right now.
Sorry. That one just kinda slipped out.
You know come-on-lines ain't what I'm all about.

(repeat Chorus)

Jackson Gulick 2013