No Shoes of Glass

Lara Wisdom

She went looking for Prince Charming in a red dress, she went out to find the one.
She knows that she's not ready, but she's going out to prove to everyone

that she's a princess
in this world of broken dreams
And she was following her heart or so it seems.
She's the same girl
Who grew up way too fast
Hoping that Fairytale it just might last
She's a Princess
Without the shoes of Glass

She found herself down at Charlie's.
With that dress and a drink she held her own
and oh how those boys they kept call
But she knows she's going home alone

Cause she's a princess
In that world of broken dream
and she was wrestling what lonely really means
She's the same girl
A little bit naïve
Cause the looking glass ain't always what it seems
She's a Princess without the shoes of glass

And she knows how that glass got broke
The story of a heart so cold
She can speak her mind again
No story's ending
It's just beginning

Cause she's a princess
in this world of broken dream
She keeps following her heart
She still believes
She 's the same girl
The one from long ago
and she the strongest one I think i've ever known

She's a princess
She's still a princess
She's a princess
And she don't need those shoes of glass

Copywrite 2013 – Words of Music Publishing 2009 – BMI