Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas

Still Looking For Love

By Nikki Shae

Been through alotta guys
Nothin' but pain and lies
No more drama, Lord, I've had enough
I've searched high and low
With not a thing to show
Sometimes my heart just wants to give up

But I know you're out there, somewhere
And that's why...

I'm still lookin', I'm still lookin'
I'm still lookin' for love
Won't stop 'til I find
Who I've been dreamin' of
So I'm still lookin', I'm still lookin'
Yeah, I'm still lookin' for love

I've waited for so long
For someone sweet and strong
Who'll be my lover and my best friend
Who knows me inside out
I trust without a doubt
Who'll walk beside me to the very end

Man, I've been so close, but almost
Ain't enough so...

(repeat chorus)

(solo over chorus)

I'm holdin' out for Mr Right, my shining knight
Who's perfect for me
Not gonna settle for second best, like all the rest
I want my meant to be

(repeat chorus)