Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas

Light Me Up Inside

Written by Ken Matthiesen and Cherri Wilson/Thornton

Take me where our love once lived
I gotta find a way back there again

(verse 1)
I got an itch we both can see
Ties me up but wants set free
It's in a spot that I can't reach
Someplace deep inside of me
I can't begin to tell you where

(pre chorus)
Do you ever wonder or still even care
Where we are going, if anywhere

Light me up inside and I'll burn for you
Turn me on like you used to do
Take me where I need to go
Get me off this lonesome road
Warm me up, I feel so cold
Light me up inside and I'll burn for you

(verse 2)
Something's coming loose inside
My heart's confused almost all the time
Can you tell me what's going on
Is there something very wrong
Do you still want me anymore

(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)
I could use a loving touch
On empty is my half full cup
Open my eyes to a brand new day
I can't keep going on this way
There's nothing wrong with me

(repeat chorus)

Copyright 2011