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Adrienne Hayes

Adrienne Hayes started with Country Stampede as the temporary office assistant in 1999. She worked two more summers as the Advanced Ticket Sales Cashier. In 2002 she was able to again work as the temporary office assistant and then in November, she was offered the full time position of Office Manager. In 2004 she was promoted to Administrative Manager and then to Operations Manager in 2008 which is her current position with the event. After 13 years of working for Country Stampede, she loves her job even more every year! She is ecstatic to be part of such a fantastic team and looks forward to seeing everyone that only works once a year. Her favorite part of the event is seeing the setup and all of her hard work come to life in a visual sense. It’s exciting to be able to bring such a magnificent event to Manhattan, as well as the state of Kansas and hopes to be a part of the event for a long time! Adrienne has been married to her husband, Jared, for nine years, and they have two wonderful children.