Friends of the Festival

Meet the Country Stampede On-Site Managers

Country Stampede would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our on-site management team.

  • On-Site Business Manager

    On-Site Business Manager

    Jim Badders

    Jim has been with Country Stampede since 1997. He is Country Stampede's finance manager. When not working for Country Stampede, he is the Assistant Controller at Kansas State. He loves to travel in his free time.

  • Communications Manager

    Communications Manager

    Pat Collins

    Patrick R. Collins, “Pat,” has worked at Riley County since January 1977. His spare time is spent as husband, father, and as a volunteer in the community. He served as Kansas First Responder for EMS, police reserve officer for Riley County Police Department, and volunteer firefighter for both Riley County District #1 and Ogden. He served as Ogden Fire Chief from 1983 until 1989. In 1991 he was appointed the Emergency Management Coordinator/Assistant Fire Chief. The Board of County Commissioners changed that appointment to include Riley County Fire Chief, Riley County Emergency Management Director, and Emergency Communications Coordinator in 1995.

    He has assisted with Country Stampede Communications every year except 2007. Pat is an amateur radio operator and has operated and maintained several 911 systems for Riley County. Pat’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping, and being a grandfather.

  • Advanced Ticket Sales / Parking Cashier

    Advanced Ticket Sales / Parking Cashier

    Deb Delzeit

    Deb is in her tenth year with the Country Stampede. She’s held supervisor positions in both Parking and Traffic and Merchandising until the 2008 season when she took the Merchandising manager position and now Advanced Ticket Sales and Parking Cashier manager.

    When not working for Stampede, Deb is a Retail Operations Manager for Kaw Valley Greenhouses, managing operations for 22 retail garden centers in three states. In the off-gardening season, she spends time with her husband, Ed, on their little farm in Bennington, KS raising chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and quail.

  • Backstage Security Manager

    Backstage Security Manager

    Mark French

    Mark French has worked security since the first Country Stampede. In 1998 he was promoted to front of stage and back stage security supervisor.

  • Law Enforcement Liason / State Park Liason

    Law Enforcement Liason / State Park Liason

    Steve French

    Steve French began working for Country Stampede in 1996 as the Parking/Traffic Division Manager. In 1997, he was reassigned as the Festival Security Manager. With his vast knowledge and community contacts, Steve French became the County Stampede Consultant in 1998, a position in which he remains today. Steve has made many friends during his years working at the Stampede and enjoys “re-connecting” with staff and patrons each year.

    Steve has been married to Kathy French for 39 years, and they have three children. Steve is twice retired from the Riley County Police as he returned in 2007 as “Interim Director.” He started his law enforcement career with the Riley County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff in December 1971. Steve now enjoys being retired, working on his farm, playing with his grandchildren.

  • Operations Manager

    Operations Manager

    Adrienne Hayes

    Adrienne Hayes started with Country Stampede as the temporary office assistant in 1999. She worked two more summers as the Advanced Ticket Sales Cashier. In 2002 she was able to again work as the temporary office assistant and then in November, she was offered the full time position of Office Manager. In 2004 she was promoted to Administrative Manager and then to Operations Manager in 2008 which is her current position with the event. After 13 years of working for Country Stampede, she loves her job even more every year! She is ecstatic to be part of such a fantastic team and looks forward to seeing everyone that only works once a year. Her favorite part of the event is seeing the setup and all of her hard work come to life in a visual sense. It’s exciting to be able to bring such a magnificent event to Manhattan, as well as the state of Kansas and hopes to be a part of the event for a long time! Adrienne has been married to her husband, Jared, for nine years, and they have two wonderful children.

  • Campground Security Manager

    Campground Security Manager

    Ernie Jordan

    Ernie Jordan has worked campground security for Country Stampede for the past 9 years. This will be his fourth year as Campground Security Manager. Originally from Rhode Island, Ernie made his way to Manhattan, Kansas in 1970 via a stint with the U.S. Army ending at Fort Riley, Kansas.

    Ernie has been a resident of Kansas for over 30 years and is married to Cindy, his wife of 43 years. They have three children and several grandchildren.

    Ernie enjoys seeing old friends return year after year and meeting new friends. He looks forward to the challenges of providing a safe and enjoyable environment for your stay with us.

  • Service Volunteer Manager

    Service Volunteer Manager

    Mick McCallister

    Mick McCallister started with the Country Stampede organization in 1996 as a volunteer worker. Since 2006 he has performed as the Service Manager. Responsibilities include supervision of festival set-up and tear down, campground cleanup, and the coordination of 350 beverage service volunteers each year.

    As a retired 35-year Department of the Army Civilian, Mick owns a Property Management Company in Junction City, is married for 36 years to wife Cathy and has two sons Mat and Adam. He spends his two week vacation working the Country Stampede. "My primary focus is to offer the opportunity for off duty soldiers and their families a chance to reset and have a little fun and have a great experience at the Country Stampede."

    The majority of volunteers are soldiers and/or their spouses. "It has been an enormous pleasure to give support to our soldiers and their families in this small way."

  • Festival Security Manager

    Festival Security Manager

    Kurt Moldrup

    Kurt “Moldy” Moldrup has worked festival security since the Stampede’s first year in 1996. He was soon promoted to Festival Security Manager and oversees a team of over 100 employees who help keep the festival safe and enjoyable for its patrons.

    When not working for Country Stampede, Kurt is employed with the Riley County Police Department as a Captain in the Patrol Division. Kurt is married to Sue and has 11 children, all of which are or have been home educated. As a result, Kurt also has to work extra jobs and works as a security guard for the Manhattan Town Center Mall (over 26 years of service) and is employed by Kansas State Athletic Operations where he is the parking manager for all events that occur at Bramlage Coliseum and Bill Snyder family Stadium, home of the Wildcats! When Kurt is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife of over 30 years, children, and 16 grandchildren (and counting).

  • Vehicle Manager

    Vehicle Manager

    Kathy Niedel

    Kathy started out working as a supervisor at the gates and camping check-in before becoming the vehicle manager in 2008. She is from Hermitage, MO and enjoys heading to Kansas for the Country Stampede each June.

  • Gate Manager

    Gate Manager

    Tim Niedel

    Tim started out as a gate supervisor for three years before becoming the gate manager in 2009. He is from Hermitage, MO where he operates and owns a flea market with his wife Kathy. They have been married six years and enjoy heading to Kansas each June to be a part of Country Stampede.

  • Direct Marketing Manager

    Direct Marketing Manager

    Chris Rouse

    Chris  started working for Country Stampede full time in 2004 after graduating from Fort Hays State University with a B.A. in English. Current duties include designing and maintaining the website, designing and distributing posters and flyers, working with media partners, and other various marketing and graphic design duties.

    Chris lives in Topeka, KS with his wife Dawn and son Jack.

  • President / General Manager

    President / General Manager

    Wayne Rouse

    Wayne has been the President of Country Stampede since its inception in the summer of 1995; the first festival took place in 1996. Wayne moved to Manhattan in September of 2001 and added General Manager to his title.

    Wayne has been producing events, including concerts, festivals, PRCA Rodeos and even professional wresting events. Along with Country Stampede, Wayne still does additional on-site production and promotion for several other events and concerts.

    Wayne is married and has one son and two stepsons.

  • Volunteer Coordinator

    Volunteer Coordinator

    Kim Wagenblast

    Kim began working with Country Stampede as a volunteer in the Beverage Tents in 1998 and 1999. As a military spouse, Kim moved in 2000 only to return in 2003. In 2004 she returned to Country Stampede assisting the Volunteer Coordinator along with set-up and tear-down.

    The majority of the volunteers in the Beverage Booths and VIP area are military service members and family members. She enjoys working the families providing them an opportunity to experience the festival in a unique way.

    She is also very involved with the military community serving as a "Ghostess" on the board of Historical and Archological Society of Fort Riley. The Ghostess plans and organizes volunteers for the once a year Ghost Tours of Fort Riley.

    Her daily career continues to serve families military families living on Fort Riley. She is also an Assistant Neighborhood Manager for Picerne Military Housing.