Additional Car: $65

  • Purchase up to one additional vehicle pass for your Reserved Primitive, Premier, or Preferred Campsites.
  • These are to be purchased with a campsite or added on at a later date.

PortaPotty: $125

  • Reserve your own lockable portapotty for your campsite. Very limited number of these available.

Food & Beverage Tickets: $5

  • Be prepared. Get your food and beverage tickets before the gates open. Five dollars buys you a strip of 8 tickets.

Four-Day Car Parking: $45  

  • Save money by purchasing your parking with your order. Includes entrance and exit privileges all four days.

Early Bird Camping: $10-$30 (depending on Number of Days)

  • If you wish to camp before Wednesday of the event you can pre-purchase camping.

EZ-Pay Plan

Want to take advantage of our current pricing but don’t have the cash? Choose our EZ-Pay Plan at check out to split your payment up over multiple months. Use it to purchase any of our ticket, camping, or add-on options!

How It Works
  • The EZ-Pay option allows you to take your total amount and split it into 7 equal installments.
  • The payment plan is setup the day you place your order and subsequent payments are made on the same date. Ex: setup your payment plan on the 5th, every payment is processed on the 5th of the month.
  • Your first installment is charged at the time your place your order.
  • The plan is automatic. Once you setup the EZ-Pay plan, we are unable to change the amount or payment date and there are no refunds or returns.
  • You can pay the account off early.
  • There is no extra free to use EZ-Pay
  • Tickets are emailed once the payment plan is complete.
  • EZ-Pay is setup with a credit or debit card. Sorry, no cash or checks.
  • To setup the EZ-Pay plan, just check the EZ-Pay box when checking out or call our office to place an order
EZ-Pay Policies

If one of the installments is unable to be processed, we will make a reasonable effort to contact the purchaser. In addition to the above, you hereby acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the following terms and conditions. You understand that you are responsible for payment of the full price of the EZ Pay order plus any handling fees and taxes. In the event of non-payment, cancellation or decline of your credit card, you understand that you will forfeit all monies paid for the ticket and relinquish any rights to a refund or exchange of ticket. You further understand that you can, at any time, pay for the order in full and/or accelerate the payment schedule. You hereby signify your agreement to the above terms and conditions when you submit your order. If your payment schedule extends beyond the original expected pay in full date due to any previously failed payments, your only option at that time will be to pay the remaining balance of the order.