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Growing up in Kansas, Jake Gill has fond memories of spending time with his 

grandfather on the family farm. Listening to music was a huge part of that upbringing – 

particularly on 1070 AM, the legendary frequency of radio powerhouse KFDI.

“My grandpa was the one that really exposed me to country music,” Gill recalls. “I 

remember when I was a sixth grader, and he would let me drive the tractor around the 

farm. We’d hear all the old-time greats like Hank and Willie.”

But, music had already taken a hold in Gill’s imagination long before that. “My dad was 

a music teacher when I was young. I have photos of me in a bean bag chair while 

listening to whatever he had playing on the record player. My mom tells the story of my 

dad directing a band concert, and I was standing on her lap directing right along.”

Later in his formative musical years came a man who would become one of his biggest 

musical influences – Garth Brooks. Gill says that changed everything. “Garth was on 

the edge. There was a bit of controversy with him, because he was so new and so 

different. He brought the honky tonk bar scene to a larger audience. That was 

something I had never seen before. He wasn’t just a singer, he was and is a performer.”

Gill brings that raw energy and charisma to his brand new single, “Tailgate Tradition.” 

Connecting with both radio listeners and fans that come to see him in concert is 

important to him – regardless of what era or walk of life they come from.

“You can connect with someone and not even know it. It might be through one of your 

songs, and they may relate to it in a way you never imagined. I like to make a physical 

connection, through eye contact or pulling them out of the audience and sharing a 

dance with them – whether it be an 80 year old or a 2-year old. I think that’s what really 

drives me as a performer.”

Though Gill admits there is no place he would rather be today, his road to a musical 

career began relatively later than most. He focused on studies in college, obtaining his 

degree, and establishing his own chiropractic office in Hutchinson, Kansas. Jake had 

done some performing around the area – namely at local Churches – but it wasn’t until 

his early 30s that he considered giving music his all as a career.

Then, an audition for one of America’s biggest television shows cemented his career 

goals. He recalls that he was still a little unsure of music as a vocation, but trying out for 

“The Voice” gave him clear focus on his music. “After that, I started to think ‘You know 

what? I can do this.”

Hard at work on his debut album, Gill had a hand in either writing or co-writing every 

song on his debut album. He says that as a songwriter, he loves telling a story – 

especially if it is his. “I like to write from experience – something I have lived through 


As a performer, Gill qualifies as a “road warrior,” with a full slate of dates on his 

schedule. He has also worked the stage with such musical heavyweights as Jake 

Owen, Easton Corbin, and Chris Cagle. But, there’s one performer and stage that 

stands head and shoulders above them all.

“I won a songwriting contest, and that got me on the main stage at Country Stampede, 

and I opened up for Jason Aldean,” he recalls, claiming that night made him more 

confident than ever in his approach to entertaining a crowd. “By far, that was my 

greatest experience musically. It was very surreal. I still remember being up there in 

front of 50,000 people, and I wasn’t nervous,” he recalls with a smile.

Make no mistake about it, Jake Gill is doing what he is meant to do, and he’s going to 

take it as far as he can. “People tell me sometimes that I must be running with the 

angels, because everything seems to just work out. A lot of that is true. I think I am 

doing what God wants me to do. I also know that I work really hard. I’m a believer in 

hard work. I think it pays off.”